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The Top 5 Reasons Purchase a Portable Industrial Sewing Machine

The Top 5 Reasons Purchase a Portable Industrial Sewing Machine

The Top 5 Reasons Purchase a Portable Industrial Sewing Machine

Tuffsew here, your heavy duty sewing machine manufacturer. Are you looking for an upgrade to your household or heavy duty sewing machine? In this article you will learn the top 5 reasons why you should consider purchasing a portable industrial sewing machine. And here are the reasons:

Power and Strength

You get the power of an industrial sewing machine and the versatility of a household sewing machine. You won’t need a table and a mounted motor. This portable walking foot industrial sewing machine will sit on any flat surface and the motor is attached to the backside of the machine. This TuffSew Straight Stitch machine features a geared belt pulley drive giving you more penetration power! No more slipping! Here is a video which speaks to this upgraded belt pulley system: 

Built in Walking Foot Capability! 
The built-in walking foot on a portable industrial sewing machine makes this machine superior to any household or industrial strength sewing machine. This walking foot grabs the material from top and bottom, which relieves pressure on the needle assembly. 

You are going to get twice the feed because you have twice the grab. This walking foot assembly is motorized, so it will always go with the flow of your sewing speed! Do not be fooled into purchasing a household or industrial strength sewing machine with a walking foot attachment. 

These are two totally different sewing machines. Here is a video which speaks to the advantages of a walking foot sewing machine: 



There are thousands of customers a year that purchase this type of sewing machine. One of the main reasons is because it’s “portable”.  You can take this machine on and off your boat. You can take it on a camping trip, on summer sports trips, and many more places. Just grab the machine on the underside and move it. It is about 35 pounds, so expect a little bit of a workout.


This type sewing machine is made with all metal parts and cast iron construction. You won’t have to worry about plastic gears breaking or cracking over time. Just keep your machine oiled up every couple months, and it will last you many, many years! You can feel comfortable sewing twice the material without damaging the gears with a portable industrial sewing machine.

Needle Size Capability! 

The needle on this sewing machine looks like a small nail. It’s 135×17 design type will penetrate even the thickest fabrics. With sizes ranging from 18 to 23, you’ll be certain to have a thickness that will tackle your project.

For more information, click to learn more about this Portable Industrial Sewing Machine.

The TuffSew Team

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