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How To Sew Thick Vinyl by TuffSew

How To Sew Thick Vinyl by TuffSew

How To Sew Thick Vinyl by TuffSew

It’s TuffSew again, your heavy duty sewing machine manufacturer! Sure, your standard household machine can sew vinyl. 

But what happens when you want to sew more than 2 layers? Why is your sewing machine not able to handle the extra layers? 

Remember, every sewing machine has it’s limitations. 

Here’s an analogy: Would you drive your Honda Civic to a ski resort when you knew you had to go through a snowstorm? You could…but wouldn’t be more efficient and safer to rent a car with 4WD?

Here are a few tips for sewing thick vinyl

Consider purchasing a walking foot sewing machine. 

Not a sewing machine with a “walking foot attachment.” There is a huge difference between the two.

Here is a picture of a walking foot sewing machine and a true built in walking foot (the top portion): 

Make sure and increase your stitch length to the maximum while you are sewing vinyl. 

Some walking foot machines have a 5mm stitch length, others might have a 5.5mm or 6mm stitch length.

Use the largest size needle available. 

This is another reason why using a walking foot sewing machine is SO important. With standard sewing machines, the needles are thin and don’t penetrate as well. All portable walking foot machines use a much thicker needle- it’s almost nail-size! We recommend using at least size 21 needle.

If you are having a problem sliding the material while you are sewing…

Place a piece of tissue paper under the fabric.

Use a heavier type thread. 

Another great reason for using a walking foot sewing machine. Standard sewing machines cannot handle nylon bonded size 69 thread…but a true walking foot sewing machine definitely will handle that weight.

To learn more about how a walking foot sewing machine can help when sewing thick materials, see the videos below: 

If you have any further questions regarding sewing heavy vinyl material, email us at

The TuffSew Team


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