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When to Purchase a Household Sewing Machine by TuffSew

So you are looking to purchase a new sewing machine. You realize that there are industrial machines, walking foot sewing machines, standard household sewing machines, industrial strength sewing machines (still household), and compact sewing machines on the market. Let’s take a deep breath together- it is ok to be confused and overwhelmed. No matter which machine you decide to purchase, there are a couple of universals you want to find on your next machine.

You want to make sure your new machine is durable and built to last. You want to make sure you purchase a sewing machine with ALL METAL GEARS. They will never crack like many machines built with plastic gears. You want to make sure you purchase your machine new- with a warranty. When you purchase a used machine you don’t know if the last owner oiled all the moving joints regularly or if they used thread sizes too large for the recommended usage. Lastly, if purchasing a semi-industrial or industrial machine-order one with a cast iron finish. These will last you a VERY LONG TIME.

So now that we understand what to look for, let’s figure out which type of sewing machine to purchase. Here are some tips…..

The two most important variables are THICKNESS of material being sewn, and COARSENESS of the material being sewn. If you are sewing medium to light weight material roughly around 1/8”-1/4” thickness, a normal household or industrial strength sewing machine will do the job. We recommend the TuffSew Platinum Plus sewing machine and it’s in the link in the previous sentence.

If you are sewing 1/8” to 3/8” thickness of medium to heavy material such as leather, upholstery, canvas, etc, you will want to look into a walking foot portable sewing machine such as our TuffSew Straight Stitch sewing machine.

Let’s say at this point you decide that you are sewing light/medium weighted fabric at 1/8” thickness. You make the decision to go with a regular household sewing machine. Do you purchase a standard size household machine or a compact sewing machine? If you have sewn for over 2 years, you should go with a normal household sewing machine such as our TuffSew Platinum. If you are a beginner- a compact machine such as our Tuffsew Mini might be best for you-since it’s just a bit simpler.

What are the advantages of purchasing a household or industrial strength sewing machine? First, you’ll get a ton of built in decorative stitches. There are usually more snap-on feet for different sewing purposes. You’ll usually get a machine with a rotary hook. These hooks do not jam quite as often as oscillating hook systems. Regular household machines are also fairly light-20 pounds or so. Please don’t underestimate your sewing needs.

If you are interested in understanding more about the differences of the various types of heavy duty sewing machines, feel free to stop by our website at TuffSew.com.
The TuffSew Team

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