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TuffSew: Welcome to the TuffSew Sewing Machine blog

Welcome to TuffSew’s first ever blog post. Yes, we know…we are WAY behind the times. We should have started this blog about 5 years ago :). We’d like to start this blog off by thanking you for spending some time reading this post. If you are a past customer or a potential customer, this blog will give you a little insight on who we are and what we can offer you.

TuffSew was founded near Silicon Valley, California, in the year 2003. We are currently in our 8th year (as of 2011) in the sewing machine distribution industry. Prior to 2003 and the start of TuffSew, our owners had over 30 years of “retail” sewing machine experience. We started this company with the idea of selling heavy duty sewing machines which would out-perform normal household sewing machines. There were too many of our retail customers who purchased regular household sewing machines- and were not happy with their performance or efficiency.

Some of the differences include the built-in walking foot on our Portable Walking Foot Sewing Machine, our TuffSew Straight Stitch.

TuffSew Straight Stitch Sewing Machine


All of our machines have metal gears which last substantially longer than plastic geared sewing machines. Also- cleated positraction belts and geared pulley drives set TuffSew heavy duty sewing machines apart from every day machines.

We hope to post a new blog every week. Blogs will range from how to use each machine, to trends in the market, or upcoming changes here at TuffSew. You might want to look out for a new TuffSew website design before the end of the year!!! Now you can also LIKE US on Facebook or FOLLOW us on Twitter. Feel free to POST pictures of your projects on those accounts. Our home page can direct you to our Facebook and Twitter accounts: http://www.tuffsew.com/.You might even get a chance to have your product featured on our home page just like Lou Minton.

For any product questions or concerns please email us at customerservice@tuffsew.com.  We usually get back to you the same day, sometimes within the hour. You can email us on our contact page: http://www.tuffsew.com/contact.php.

We appreciate you stopping by our blog and please don’t hesitate to reach out to us for anything!

Warmest Regards,
The TuffSew Team

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