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Looking for a heavy duty household sewing machine?

TuffSew here, your heavy duty sewing machine supplier. Does your household sewing machine seem to conk out in less than 2 or 3 years? Are you constantly taking your machine in to get it “serviced”, and then getting a $95 dollar invoice for the “repair” work? Most sewing machines today are just are not manufactured like they used to be. Older generation sewing machines were built with all metal gears and heavy duty cast iron body casting. Take a look at your current machine- are these parts plastic? Most likely your answer is yes. Well, the good news is…there are still a few sewing machine companies that sell heavy duty household sewing machines. Here is an example of a new sewing machine with an all metal body:


Heavy Duty All Metal Sewing Machine
Heavy Duty All Metal Sewing Machine


Just as important, you want to make sure you purchase a sewing machine with all metal gears. Many of today’s inferior sewing machine use plastic gears. After a couple years or so of sewing, plastic gears will eventually crack- leaving you without a working sewing machine. Metal gears are also much stronger! Here is an example of what metal gears look like:


All Metal Gears
All Metal Gears


When you use a sewing machine with all metal gears, you want to make sure and oil all the moving joints about once a month. This will keep your sewing machine from going to the dreadful sewing machine technician. Turn your machine over and turn the handwheel to oil all the moving joints. Here is a picture of the bottom of a sewing machine with all metal gears:

Oil all the Moving Joints


Also don’t be fooled into buying a “pot metal” sewing machine. This is NOT a cast iron or all metal sewing machine. An easy way to figure this out is to simply lift up the machine or look at the machine specifications. How heavy is the machine? It’s usually a good bet when the machine is over 25 pounds. Then you know you are getting true metal or cast iron. If you still don’t know…make sure and ask someone who does know.

For more information on this sewing machine, please go to: http://www.tuffsew.com/zigzag-industrial-strength-sewing-machine

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