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How to Sew Upholstery with the TuffSew Platinum (Plus)

Tuffsew here, your heavy duty sewing machine supplier…..Are you struggling with sewing layers of upholstery and other thick materials? Not sure which machine to use or purchase? You aren’t alone. Not every sewing machine is made equal. But to be fair, sewing enthusiasts have a ton of different applications. If you are trying to sew 1/8″ silk material and then 1/4″ of leather on a standard household machine your results might not be ideal. It’s because different sewing machines are better at different applications.

In 2015 we launched a new heavy duty sewing machine to try and bridge the “application gap.” We built a sewing machine that appeared to be your every day household sewing machine – but we installed all metal internal gears and parts. We did this to give those heavy duty materials a better chance for success- while still being able to sew very lightweight materials. This machine is the TuffSew Platinum (100 stitches) and it’s sister machine the TuffSew Platinum Plus (200 stitches).


TuffSew Platinum


The TuffSew Platinum will sew heavy duty upholstery fabrics comfortably up to 1/8″. You can sew a little thicker with softer upholstery materials. One tip when sewing upholstery is to use a Triple ZigZag Stitch. The tighter the stitch, the stronger the stitch. Below are images of triple zigzag stitches (stitches the Platinum can make):


TuffSew Platinum


Another tip when sewing upholstery is to use the right size needle. Size 18 or 19 is appropriate for heavy duty upholstery. Remember to change your needle back to size 10 for silk, size 12 for knits, size 14 for cotton, and size 16 for denim.

People email us all the time asking us if they should order the TuffSew Platinum or our TuffSew Straight Stitch walking foot sewing machine. We tell them it all depends on the versatility you desire in your sewing machine. The two machines can sew a lot of the same applications – but never all of the same applications. For example, if you need to sew cotton one day, silk another day, and 1/8″ soft leather on the third day – then the Platinum is right for you. If you are sewing leather, denim, and upholstery all the time, then the TuffSew Straight Stitch is right for you.

Another tip when sewing leather products – use a Teflon foot. The TuffSew Platinum comes with a Teflon foot. This foot is great for not marking up leather products. When using our Straight Stitch machine, you can mimic the teflon foot by putting a piece of tape on the bottom of the walking foot. Below is an image of the Platinum using a teflon foot on leather:



Lastly, here is a YouTube video showing you some examples of sewing with the Platinum:


The people behind TuffSew have been in the sewing machine industry for 3 generations (close to 50 years). We’ve helped beginners and advanced folks sew many different types of applications. If you have any questions, please email us at customerservice@tuffsew.com.

The TuffSew Team

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  1. Interested in a Tuff sew, but undecided on Plat plus or Platinum?? and cant find any reviews that are informative on this brand. Would like a phone # to discuss options and choices. Pls reply. Thanks

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