Creating A Second Income By TuffSew

TuffSew here, your Heavy Duty Sewing Machine Supplier. Currently it’s November 1st 2011. There are 14 million unemployed Americans- as our country is facing a 9.1% unemployment rate. Many of the 90.9% of us lucky enough to have a job have seen waves of wage reductions, slashed hours, or cut commissions. What does a person do? First a person must ask themselves: what skills do I have to make a second income? Well I remember taking sewing classes and I know how to run and promote a business.

At TuffSew – we get questions and inquiries coming from small business owners around the world. They state: “I am currently setting up my own business. I am going to make dog collars and I need a sewing machine that will handle multiple layers of material. I need a machine with a larger needle and the ability to use thick thread. What sewing machine should I purchase?”

In a recent meeting here at TuffSew, we came to the conclusion that purchasing any type of sewing machine in 2011 can be rather confusing. Every sewing machine retail outlet out there will try and make a sale, even if your best interests are not at hand. There are hundreds of different models out there- rotaries, oscillators, walking foot machines, built-in walking foot machines, free-arm machines, etc. How does a person to figure out which machine to buy?

If you are going to be using your sewing machine daily, you might want to consider purchasing a machine with metal gears and all metal parts. These components will outlast plastic parts by years. If you are going to be sewing layers of material over 1/8” to 3/8”, you need a built-in walking foot (not a walking foot attachment). A built in walking foot grabs your material not only from the top of the fabric, but the bottom as well. Therefore you have 2 forces pulling your material through the sewing zone. This also lowers the pressure on the needle assembly.

If you were to use a normal every day household sewing machine and try to sew, for example, ¼” thickness of cowhide leather, you might as well plan on buying another regular household sewing machine in about 6-12 months. They just won’t work for a very long duration-period.

In conclusion, if you are looking to add extra income, create a new business , or for someone who just wants a sewing machine with a little more oomph- look into purchasing a semi-industrial portable walking foot sewing machine. Ours is the TuffSew Straight Stitch machine.

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