7 Steps to Threading your TuffSew Industrial Walking Foot Straight Stitch Sewing Machine

Tuffsew here, your heavy duty sewing machine manufacturer. So you got yourself a TuffSew Straight Stitch…or perhaps another type of portable industrial walking foot sewing machine. Now you are wondering how you are going to thread your new beast of a sewing machine.

You’ll notice when you first receive your TuffSew Straight Stitch that it will be all threaded and ready to go. But what happens 2 weeks later when you want to change the thread color? Now it’s time to do it yourself. But don’t worry, we have the steps right here…along we a handy video.

Steps to Threading Your TuffSew Walking Foot Sewing Machine:

1)      BOBBIN SPINDLE: Take the thread off the bobbin spindle.

2)      WRAP AROUND THREAD GUIDE: Put the thread on the front thread guide (wrap it around in the natural form. You might need to watch our YouTube video for this step. The video is attached to the bottom of this article).

3)      3 HOLE THREAD GUIDE: Take the thread and go DOWN the right hold of the thread guide. Then take the thread DOWN the left hole.

Before the next 2 steps, make sure the presser foot is UP. That is the black assembly on the left side of the ceiling of the machine.

4)      TENSION DISC: Take the thread down near the tension disc. You want to make sure you go IN BETWEEN the metal tension discs. There’s one tension disc with a tongue on it. You want to put the thread right in front of this tension disc. Floss the thread through the tension disc from right to left.

5)      TAKE UP BAR: You’ll notice when you floss the thread through the tension disc that the thread pulls up the spring. It will click! You will then thread the take up bar from RIGHT to LEFT.

6)      NEEDLE MECHANISM GUIDE: Snip your thread first, it will make it easier. This is the last thread guide before you thread your needle. This thread guide is right above your needle. You want to thread this guide from RIGHT to LEFT only.

7)      THREAD YOUR NEEDLE: First drop the presser foot down which will give you more room. Always thread the needle from LEFT to RIGHT only. Bring the presser foot back up. Next turn the handwheel 1 complete turn counter clock wise. This will pick the thread up automatically so that you have both threads to the top! Now you are ready to sew.

If you need some visual assistance, below is a video to help you with threading the TuffSew Straight Stitch:



If you have any further questions on maintaining your sewing machine, feel free to email us at

If you are interested in learning more, go here: industrial portable walking foot sewing machines and check the Stitch and Sew’s beginners guide to sewing if you just begin.

-The TuffSew Team-


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