upholstery sewing machine

How to use a Heavy Duty Walking Foot Sewing Machine for Upholstery Fabric

The myth is over. Sewing upholstery is no different than sewing regular fabrics. The only difference is with the equipment and consumables you will use to tackle your thick upholstery projects. Thicker upholstery fabrics require you to use heavy duty walking foot sewing machines equipped with thicker thread such as 69 nylon bonded thread.
Why? Heavier material needs to be held together by heavier thread and stronger stitches. You will also need industrial grade sewing needles when working with upholstery. Normal needles will bend or break when trying to penetrate upholstery. Make sure and use sharp scissors to cut through your …

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TuffSew Straight Stitch Walking Foot Sewing Machine

Using a Heavy Duty Walking Foot Sewing Machine for Thick Fabrics

TuffSew here, your heavy duty sewing machine supplier. Whether you are a sailor, upholster, or leather shop owner- it’s important that you understand the importance of using the right sewing machine for your heavy duty projects. One example is a sailor and his or her understanding that most new boats are going to need a ton of canvas or brightwork done over the years.
It’s important for you to use a quality walking foot sewing machine that is easy to use, reasonably priced, durable, rugged, dependable, and has years of success. Here are the most important benefits to a walking foot …

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